We're all fans of something. Some of us are bigger fans than others, and want to capture the moment or the memory through priceless photos.
Concert photography is one of the best ways to capture special moments between the stars and the fans who adore them. It allows those fans to relive the memories formed when they saw their favorites perform live.
Car photography is dedicated to the passion that automotive lovers of all breeds have for their treasured vehicles and the love, blood, sweat, tears, miles, and, yes, to be honest, $$$$ that they have put into them.
Cosplay photography is a chance to enter into the world of cosplayers and their favorite shows, characters, and personas - the ones that reached them deeply enough to want to craft incredibly detailed and complex costumes and makeup to, for a day, embody them - and bond with others who share the same passions.
And your loved ones - are you a fan? Do you want to document their moment in time when you celebrate with them their achievements (e.g., graduation) or special moments (e.g., prom, QuinceaƱera, awards, competitions)?
I want to be here for you because I am a fan....of fans.